Vanilla Cupcakes

Warning : no

Serving : 1 person

Cooking time: 15 min

Prepping time: 15 min

Vanilla Cupcakes Using the batter from my much loved Vanilla Cake, these Vanilla Cupcakes have a professional bakery-style crumb and stay perfectly moist for 4 whole days which is unheard of for cupcakes! No secret ingredients. Just a secret Japanese baking technique applied to classic butter cupcakes ingredients. It’s like…. magic! ✨
Step by Step

1. Use a handheld beater instead of a stand mixer – for small batch batters like this, it comes together better using a handheld beater you can move around the bowl rather than a large stand mixer bowl. If using a stand mixer, you’ll need to scrape down the sides and base well to ensure the batter comes together evenly. There is no excess batter in this recipe!

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Original recipe yields 1 servings
  • Baking powder
    10 gram
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