Banana Prawn Rolls

Banana Prawn Rolls

By Oliver Khumalo
0’ Prep time
45’ Cook time
45’ Total time
343 Calories
3 Serving


Banana Prawn Rolls is a gluten free, dairy free, and fodmap friendly recipe with 3 servings. One portion of this dish contains around 24g of protein, 5g of fat, and a total of 342 calories. For $2.36 per serving, this recipe covers 9% of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. Only a few people made this recipe, and 1 would say it hit the spot. A mixture of gently mix in banana, bananan and prawn are a match made in heaven. these make wonderful snacks, huatiao wine, and a handful of other ingredients are all it takes to make this recipe so yummy. It is brought to you by Foodista. From preparation to the plate, this recipe takes approximately 45 minutes. Taking all factors into account, this recipe earns a spoonacular score of 31%, which is not so excellent. Users who liked this recipe also liked Prawn And Watercress Rolls, Vietnamese prawn spiralized rolls, and Banana Spring Rolls.
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Step by Step

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Step 1

Marinate the prawns with all the seasoning listed above. Mix them up throroughly by hand, until the mixture becomes "bouncy" and elastic. Leave aside for about 10 to 15mins.
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Step 2

Gently mix in banana chunks.
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Step 3

Soak 1 sheet of Vietnamese rice paper in a dish of lukewarm water. It should soften very quickly. Once it's pliable, remove and allow to "drip dry" to remove excess water.
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Step 4

Place on a flat surface. Arrange banana prawn mix in row and roll into a firm wrap. Resist the temptation to load up on the filling ... the rice paper will tear.
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Step 5

In a heated non-stick pan, fry the rolls, leaving ample space in between each one, else they will stick. I pan fried mine without oil and they turned out really well. No greasiness!
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Step 6

Serve hot off the pan.


  • table salt
    table salt
    0.13 teaspoons
  • sugar
    100 grams
  • sesame oil
    sesame oil
    1 teaspoon
  • cooked bacon
    cooked bacon
    1 stick
  • wine
    0.5 teaspoons
  • chicken stock
    chicken stock
    1 cube
  • tapioca starch
    tapioca starch
    0.5 teaspoons
  • banana bread mix
    banana bread mix
    1 chunk
  • spring roll wrappers
    spring roll wrappers
    1 inch
  • banana
    2 smalls
  • shrimp

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving
Calories 343.59kcal 17.18%
Fat 4.88g 7.5%
Saturated Fat 1.27g 7.91%
Carbohydrates 53.1g 17.7%
Net Carbohydrates 51.22g 18.62%
Sugar 41.78g 46.42%
Cholesterol 172.05mg 57.35%
Sodium 381.32mg 16.58%
Protein 24.38g 48.77%
Phosphorus 266.85mg 26.69%
Copper 0.47mg 23.54%
Potassium 553.92mg 15.83%
Vitamin B6 0.29mg 14.44%
Magnesium 57.5mg 14.37%
Manganese 0.26mg 12.96%
Zinc 1.74mg 11.61%
Selenium 6.34µg 9.06%
Vitamin B3 1.56mg 7.8%
Fiber 1.89g 7.54%
Calcium 73.29mg 7.33%
Vitamin C 5.89mg 7.14%
Vitamin B1 0.09mg 6.28%
Iron 1.02mg 5.69%
Vitamin B2 0.1mg 5.67%
Folate 18.81µg 4.7%
Vitamin B5 0.31mg 3.09%
Vitamin B12 0.08µg 1.35%
Vitamin A 64.68IU 1.29%
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